Who Am I? Series

Who Am I?  
Kryon Channelings
in Truth and Love
(6 Months)

The experience of being human is the ability
to work at our maximum potentialand explore endless possibilities.
Our relationships and results become more meaningful when
we explore our beliefs, emotions and vulnerabilities.

It's true , we have wings and...We are meant to fly
But do we have access to the wings or will it remain the heart's yearning
Till the day we die?

The question 'Who Am I ? 'When engaged in Truth,
takes us beyond the conceptual realm of ' we have wings , we SHOULD fly’

It cuts through the unconscious,that runs our life
Leaving us with an actionable access to new possibilities and powerful choice

Surrender to the power of transformation
Swim relentlessly in the question 'Who Am I ?’

Transcend the conceptual and,
EXPERIENCE the metamorphosis
From caterpillar to butterfly!

My experience of "Who Am I?" Kryon Workshop

Uday, Mumbai

My family, extended family, friends, colleagues, organisations... have done the Kryon Workshops.
Life, Death....LIFE
Born in the month of November 1966
In December 1998 , i died....
Giving birth to a new I 
After the breakthrough experience 
Called ' Who Am I'

What did I break through?
Lifetimes of masks worn
An identity  lifeless and forlorn....
Transformed into a lively newborn


The undiluted truth worked its magic
Breaking through every story of mine
Miserable,pitiful and tragic

Lifetimes of karma dissolved
The force of truth and commitment
Ensured that the unresolvable was resolved


Connecting with the potential beyond the i
I declared that Corporate transformation 
Is the vision I hold in my heart and eye

Boldly , I set sail through uncharted  waters
With clarity in my heart and firmness of purpose

Relationships transformed from a domination, manipulation game
With partnering and growth being the sole aim


17 years have flown ..since
Kryon Poonam I have known
Several more deaths have I died
In the process I've loved, LIVED and grown


Today , Poonam continues her journey
Combining undiluted truth and audacity
With  new found gentle unconditional love...
An embodiment of surrender and humility
The being of a child ,brimming with fun& curiosity


An unrelenting stand for transformation
Taking  the world into the Wisdom Age
Hats off to you, Poonam
A true modern day Sage !

Feedback of January 2019,

Narendra Arora
Attended the week long, Who am I program.

Through the various exercises over the past
5 days, I have been better able to connect with
myself. This has also helped reduce a lot of
chatter in my mind. Thanks to the facilitators
for a wonderful experience!  

Vijay Vinjamur 
The Kryon workshop breaks the incompletion cycles and burden I carried throughout lifeuptil now. It brought out my real self and placed in front of me to take a call on what i need to change and what I need to accept. The learning is powerful and gives me a fresh look towards my life.

Shivesh Katewa
This is a confession coming from a person who has lived with keeping his ego, pride and anger above all else. During the course of this workshop called "Who Am I" I learnt how I have been wasting 35 years of my life in such negativity and in that process lost so many loved ones and lost myself. This course changed me to a much calmer and happier person. Learnt how to listen to my body and take care of it. And most importantly learnt gratitude. And I just feel so positive walking out. And so looking forward to be this person everyday. I thank this wonderful team of angels that came into my life and helped me.

Sanmati Nahar
I don’t feel like a housewife anymore, I choose to call myself a Home Maker. This is the first drastic change I feel in my life after the workshop.
From this workshop I truly understood ‘who am I’.
All the exercises and meditation are really amazing and helped me to build my confidence and feel more calm. Learnt how to drop the I, ego and identity.
Inviting you all to come and experience the workshop and transformation. 

Divya Sanbhwani
I found the program to be like writing a book on a beautiful journey called 'My life'. I always thought transforming and introspection would be the most difficult, hearing the truth about my tendencies, patterns of behavior etc, but in reality it was so heart-warming and all about recognizing when the seeds were sown. I thank the Kryon team for helping me discover my true self and fall back in love with myself. I have already started experiencing a shift in my relationships, social life and career. Extremely grateful and 100% recommended. 

Feedback :  Narendra Arora

Feedback :  Vijay Vinjamur

Feedback :  Sanmati Nahar

Feedback :  Shivesh Katewa

Feedback :  Aneesh,      

My biggest learning from workshop and flood: always there is a hand to hold our hand, under any difficulty.We are provided at the right time if we allow. Thank You

Feedback :  Participants

Feedback :  Kavita

Feedback  of Past Participants:

• Dancing with polarities!
• Truth is the foundation of love!
• Embrace uncertainty!
• Prepare your chidden for the road rather than a road for your your children !
• Walk the path and your purpose with unfold!
• Every intention has been fulfilled in a serendipitous way!
• My relationship with fear and self doubt has transformed!
• Work on yourself before you seek to help others!
• The world is truly beautiful, there is abundance everywhere!
• Every specie in nature vibrates at the their full potential except humans.
     This program helped me understand I can also vibrate at full potential.

• Clarity on life!
• Get to the bottom lone!
• Super ready to leave Mumbai!
• Filter all the carp! 
• This workshop helped me rebuild trust in myself community around and life as a whole.
• I experience shift in energy deep within at all levels.
• This was a paisa vasool workshop for me. I could reflect and become self aware.

• Simplicity of the learning process!
• Redefined our beliefs around!
• Trust!
• Help!
• Surrender!
• Authenticity!

• Learnt how to strip my ego!
• Bottom line communication!
• Tools available for clarity of purpose, living with purpose and the knowledge that
    I am  responsible for the purpose!

Feedback : Shirley 
Friends I attended the ‘Who Am I’ training program which made a huge difference in my life as i was able to get a clear understanding of myself and others around me during this program

This training was a residential training in a calm, beautiful and serene place in Devanhalli (near airport), it was for 4 days. It was truly an awesome experience to go on an inward journey and discover myself.

The most beautiful thing about this training is that this training doesn't have an agenda, but is evolved. In this program, i discovered myself and it has made my life more fulfilling and filled with Love
Life is definitely not the same for any of us who attended "Who am I". 

I was someone who always thought that everything that happened to me was destined to be that way, but I never realized that one small rejection experience in my childhood was ruling my life and controlling everything that happened. I realized that I attracted all the situations, people, etc. like a magnet would, without my knowledge and kept feeding my hunger of being accepted, and thereby was blinded to all the other opportunities that came my way that could have made my life so fulfilling and beautiful. 

used to always blame others for taking advantage of me, for using me, for making me feel upset, for making my life miserable in various situations. I remember my X-boss, who always got all the work done from me, but would never promote me. It was hurting to see him use me like that. He used to even get all his job done from me. I used to always keep cribbing that he does this because he is selfish, and arrogant, and he used to take all the credit for everything I did. 
But, today I realized that, it was I who created that situation for myself. I wanted him to like me the most, so I would do everything that would make him happy, but deep within I wanted to st doing it, but I couldn't. If I had attended "Who am I" prior to meeting him. I would have stood for myself, demanded my promotion, credit for what I did, and would have never accepted to do take responsibility for some work that's not in my job profile.  

Today I do things out of my way, but only because I love them not because I want them to like me or accept me. I understand today how I could have made my life more beautiful if i had learnt about myself earlier. Today I can create the life I want, and I can see others just the way they are. 
I also understood that all of us are the same and we are all one, and that Love exists in all.

That's one of the main reason I am able to open up my life to all of you  
I know that all of us have been in similar situations, and felt helpless.

"There is hope" , trust me. Your life can also be as good as mine. 
If we have questions like why does this always happen to me ?? 
why is everyone else having a peaceful life, but I am not? 
Then, this training is for you :)