Who Am I? Series

The experience of being human is the ability to work at our maximum potential
and explore endless possibilities.
Our relationships and results become more meaningful when
we explore our beliefs, emotions and vulnerabilities.

It's true , we have wings and...We are meant to fly
But do we have access to the wings or will it remain the heart's yearning
Till the day we die?

The question 'Who Am I ? 'When engaged in Truth,
takes us beyond the conceptual realm of ' we have wings , we SHOULD fly’

It cuts through the unconscious,that runs our life
Leaving us with an actionable access to new possibilities and powerful choice

Surrender to the power of transformation
Swim relentlessly in the question 'Who Am I ?’

Transcend the conceptual and,
EXPERIENCE the metamorphosis
From caterpillar to butterfly!

   Natasha,   Mumbai, India
                   Parenting Workshop
                       When  I participated  in the  Parenting workshop alongwith my husband, I was expecting
                       my first baby.  I was  working,  but not  able  to attend  office regularly  due to my health.
                       After  the  workshop, I started  going to  office  regularly, my  health became  really good.
                       My  gynaec  was  surprised  to  see  the shift in  my health. Not  only that the sonography
                       showed  great improvement in the baby’s growth.  My husband became an equal parent
                       sharing  all  responsibilities  willingly.
                       We could bring up our baby without our past baggage, and are really enjoying parenting.​

Feedback on Who Am I

Pooja, India

12 July 2014

                                                 This is an experience which has impacted every aspect of my life.
                                               I feel the change that the workshop has brought upon each single day.


My communication is now genuine and honest.
Its easier to take a stand and speak for myself for which earlier I had less confidence.
Naturally my relationships have improved and I no longer feel victimised.
The workshop gave me an insight into my patterns .

Earlier I pushed them under the carpet but now I can't rest till I work towards breaking them.
There is peace and comfort with people. My friend circle has increased.

I am enjoying every moment of freedom. 
I used to feel very constricted and restrained earlier only to realize that these constraints were self built. I now happily take a lead and have become pro active.
I have become action oriented rather than getting stuck with contemplations.
Sharing, caring, acceptance, listening are abilities I have developed in the true sense post the workshop.

Following body listening has got me in touch with my self and has improved my health tremendously.

I feel lighter and more energetic with a heightened sense of well being.
I am able to achieve many more things in a day which earlier I would feel drained to complete.

My attitude towards life has changed. I live more in the now.
I have accepted my self as a woman and feel extremely comfortable with my identity and have a true sense of self worth. I am extremely grateful to kryon source.

Pooja Khurana.

Who Am I? 1 Workshop  
The words of a Kryon Source Beneficiary

         Distinction    :  Who Am I   And  What Am I
           A child is born in purity  and one with the existence!  
          The child is created in love and truth, is totally self expressive.
           It expresses its needs by laughing ,crying and being honest about likes and dislikes.  
           He is clear of WHO IT IS  and  KNOWS NO GENDER LABEL,
           status symbol or degree to reconfirm or prove that.  It just revels in the moment and is totally oneself.  

          As the child grows up to be an adult , it starts noticing the “what’s” of life :
          Sex Gender - Male, Female, Money , Status, Class, Education, Power :
          and starts using these to identify self … 'I am a Man or Woman';
          ‘I am richer than my friends’, ‘I am from South Bombay and my father is so and so,’
          ‘My degree from Harvard shows that I am superior to others..’ etc.
          and this goes on and on as no acquisition is complete in filling the void of inadequacy…
          The journey becomes an exercise of proving how good one is,
          how much better off than friend / neighbor / siblings….External symbols,
          qualifications become the props to define WHAT HE /SHE IS in life.
          Cheating, lying, comparing , showing off , networking to become something that one is not...
          love and truth which defined a simple existence, tossed out of the window!
          The person who was content being oneself feels lost if one does not have ‘x’ number of contacts  or  
          does not get invited to the most “happening’ party in town.
          The worth is measured by posts president;  vice-president, jetsetting ....

          If I reflect back on my life I see how I have moved away from WHO I Am to WHAT ALL DO I POSSESS ?
          and defined myself with what I possess,  how I am better off/worse off than many of my friends,
          How I need to buy another diamond bracelet to make my friends envy me.
          Many a moment has been spent in anguish and jealousy when I have made this comparison and

          joined this race.
         Today I ask myself : Why do I need something outside of me to define me?
          Stripped of all the trappings/symbols/possessions which define me : WHO AM I A Pure Soul!

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