Sex, Body and Food Consciousness

4 nights/ 5 days residential workshop

Each individual and their needs are unique.
Then why follow a general way to complete them? 

Many times in our life we find ourselves, in a food, body or health condition we can't accept. 
We are not sure what to do? How to go about it?  what worked for others? 

We start by asking family, friends, colleagues, usual body improvement programmes, gymnasium, doctor visits etc.... 

Every human being is different and unique and has its own body disposition. What works for one cannot be generalised for others.
One man's food is another man's poison.

We at Kryon Wisdom Centre believe,  ''Inner happiness radiates sunshine".
Participants Feedback :
Pooja,  Pune.

Hi, My name is Pooja.
I went through all the diets( which exist

centuries), all processes, (everything worked
temporary).  Controlling my diet, body weight
was no more working.
Stopping myself, then going on a binge; 

hitting the gym or exercising with a vengeance,
guilt the whole vicious pattern again and again
and again.

Am sure many of you can relate to what I went
through. I started hating the idea of dieting,
any form of exercise routine /following advice. Period.

I lost my confidence and started shying away from people

and eventually started accepting the way I was.  
However, acceptance is not equal to inner peace and happiness. 
I realised what I called acceptance was actually resigned. 

I would dream of losing weight and improving my health without
compromising on ice creams, pizzas, cheese etc.

Then someone told me about the Kryon workshops.
I did a number of workshops with Kryon Wisdom Centre.
The Sex Body and Food workshop completed my needs of food,
sex, care, attention without deprivation/guilt/self-flogging. 
I nourished my body, mind, and soul:  
Being Beautiful, Feeling Beautiful, Looking Beautiful.

Today, I am on the way to a New Me thanks to

the Sex, Body, and Food Consciousness Workshop.
My family and myself have participated in Reiki, Who Am I?... workshops.
In gratitude: I am inviting all to come and experience your own transformation.