Body, Food and Sex Consciousness

4 days workshop

“M. Pollan showed the words “Chocolate Cake”
to a group of Americans  “Guilt” was the top response

The French responded  “Celebration”

…..   An Eater's Manifesto…by Michael Pollan.

All of us have an opinion about our body, food, weight, sex..
We think it could be better!!!!

Each individual and their needs are unique.
Then why follow a general way to complete them? 
Every human being is different and unique and has its own body disposition.
What works for one cannot be generalised for others.
One man's food is another man's poison.

We at Kryon Wisdom Centre believe,  ''Inner happiness radiates sunshine".

The workshop covers the following topics and much more:
1)  Food Mindfulness

Conversations around food and eating
How do I look at the food I eat ?​ ​
Is it enmeshed in do’s and don’ts, the rules of dieting and restrictions?
 or;  Do I look at  food with celebration ?

Emotions attached to food

Myths around food and eating
Eating Patterns
Homing and Craving Foods
Which food does your body require for now?

 2)  Body Awareness

In my deepest of hearts I desire to feel, look and be Handsome or Beautiful?
  or;   A regret ? 
Body parts adored / liked / and comfortable with

Body parts uncomfortable with and which require a change
 Exercises, clothes and shoes which my body requires
Emotions stored in my body 

3)  Weight Realisations

I hope I am slim, plump, less or more weight in certain areas...flat stomach, shoulders/ six packs...
  The Concept of Weight
 The function of Weight in my life right now

What I feel and think about my weight?
 Is weight connected to food and eating habits?
Is your weight connected to emotions?

4)  Sex Consciousness

What is my relationship with Sex? 
Is it buried under the closet with rules of morality? 
or;  Do I experience freedom and maturity?

Busting Myths
Respecting Sex  - Our Source from where I, my parents, grandparents come.
Healthy relationship with sex
Conversations with freedom about sex and around sex

Participants Feedback :


My learnings were;
—Sex :
I Use sex to control and manipulate.
—Sex is nourishment for the body, so why have so many

conversations around it?
—How do I get my need for power and control fulfilled

by staying on the path of light
—Body :
—Listening to the body…. It is saying so many things.

I now quiet the mind to listen to the  body and its wisdom.

—Food :
—Listen to the body it tell you want is needed in this moment
—If you are eating with out any conversations around food it has no calories

Few Other Insights
—Receiving Humbly
—Giving humbly
—Loving myself for me to love the world -
—Being Nude – Nothing to hide…just raw truth
—Eating raw food…..why not have raw communication
—Everything is a reflection of me….
—I am being provided not only for money but for food and sex as well…infact universe has taken care of me in all ways.


—The connection between  internal conversations and emotions  and its impact on eating food was clear. Body does not know  calories etc.

Tuning into the body instead of the mind will allow for the appropriate food to be chosen. For this shutting of the mind and being in the body ,in the moment is crucial. Eating food then becomes a celebration, which is nourishing for the body
—I am looking forward to a life of service…feeling peaceful and powerful


—I Recognised  the food , drink and exercise my body needed and longed for
to nourish it ,
which  i had been depriving it of.
—Got freedom from various myths attached to food and health.
—I am dropping inhibition in verbal expression for  sex.
—I experienced the ultimate dance of yin and yang..the  mahamudra, oneness with the universe...

the ultimate orgasm within.
—Feeling complete and worthy partnering with  self
—Differentiate between the  qualities that attract  me towards  the opposite sex and

underlying need in making choices.
—I now understand that following the path leads  to true bliss.


Body Food and Sex awareness was a revelation for me with respect to my relationship with my body.
As a growing teenager and in my twenties, I had never paid attention to my body and food habits.I used to abhor food and joke around saying that there should be magic pill so that all my hunger is attended to, once and for all , and I never have to EAT again. I was also caught in a moralistic conversation around Sex and looked down on dressing up and on my femininity.  
IN BFS Workshop, I found an open space where  conversations around food, eating, habits and  patterns around eating, sex  were  discussed freely with freedom and No Strict Rights/Wrongs or ' You ought to.'
The first evening of the Workshop , during one of the post Workshop assignment, I remember noticing and looking at my body as I had never before, with love and wonder, and not as 'my stomach is so big, my hair is so rough, I wish my acne would disappear.'

Post the Workshop my relationship to my body, eating habits, the clothes and jewellery I wore, to exercising... all changed. I began to 'listen' to my body, pay attention to what it was telling me  and realised the connection between eating and emotions.
From an anorexic look , my body began filling up. I began dressing up in colors which suited my body and moods.
Over the last few years, I have a deeper bond with my body. I return to the exercises I learnt in the Workshop whenever I feel this connection getting lost. 
I would strongly recommend this transformational program, more than any fad diets or crash courses in weight loss/ weight gain One and all  all !