Regression,  Karmic Completion and
Future Progression

One on One Private Sessions

We have a pattern in our behaviour that keeps on repeating unconsciously as if on auto-pilot. We also have a number of trigger points. When anyone presses these trigger points, we react. We may also have a fear that haunts us, a subconscious thought that pulls us back from certain places, things, objects, animals or relationships.
Why do these happen?
These are because of accumulated experiences from our past.
Maybe from this current life or a previous birth.
In a regression progression session, the person regresses to the incident, releasing the underlying cause from the root to breathe lighter and happier. Eased out of the uncertainity and fear and experiences the freedom to create anew.
The Kryon facilitators with 20 years of experience, gently guide you through a 3 hour session. The sessions are held with a prior appointment.
Dec 2016 Singapore

First, I want to thank Aparna for recommending me to meet you.
It has been interesting, insightful and a pleasure. 
Feedback of the overall experience and insights:

I believe it was deeply engaging session. I was able to realise even more clearly just how much I had blocked my feelings away to desensitise myself from the childhood experiences.  Whilst the block was there to protect myself, the impact of such an emotional block is that I would deny the child in me to be heard.  This is unkind if I don’t honour and hear the child inside of me.  The child inside is still hurting and since the feelings are still so deeply blocked, that child never gets the healing it needs.  I also realised that this is possibly why I am so interested in helping others as it is my deeper cry to help myself.

I also feel that the session somehow gave me the permission and courage to be more honest about my raw feelings to myself and others rather than always having to present a polished image of who I am.

Something must have shifted in my energy as I stayed awake till 2 am that night to complete some work that I had been meaning to do for months! I generally felt calm, peaceful, contemplative, exhausted and honest with myself. 

Have had some relaxed conversations with my husband and a friend about this, which was nice as insights were being pieced together in every conversation.

What next?
Please kindly inform me if it is possible to do Who Am I? with my family (hubby and kids), in first two weeks of April 2017?  Please send me the details for a residential course if possible.

Best regards and love

Participant Experience
Balvinder,  2012 Gurgaon

“I always had this habit of leaving everything incomplete. I would open up multiple windows on my laptop and multi-task, but not want to end any of it, till the flashpoint of the deadline reaches. The work would almost be complete, would require a minimum of additional effort, but stays that way.

That was work, but this also was a pattern that existed in other spheres of life. I was an ardent reader, and it would take me a few hours to complete a book that I pick up, but nearing the end, I would give up. The most exciting phase of the story- the climax, where anyone else would be all excited to read and know, would take me weeks and months to complete.

As I progressed in life, things deteriorated. I used to buy books and never go past the 1st chapter.
I would watch a movie and go off to sleep before the middle of it.
I used to start a project hobby and see that it works but never tied up the loose ends.
I was stuck and paralyzed in all initiatives and was in some way ok with it.
I didn’t like the way things were but somehow accepted it.
Till a time that even when I wished something to get over, it never got.
I was required to be egged on by my loved ones to finish regular jobs.
My professional life has an adage that once I commit, I deliver exceptionally well- but only I knew what it took to accomplish tasks, waiting for the last moment…

I wanted to change this, I tried various things, time management was one option, but it didn’t work.
I subconsciously decided to defeat this pattern, and I was partly successful, but a constant fear of the herculean effort to fight every individual task, started. It wasn’t that bad a life and I got used to it as a disabled person would get used to his disablement.
It was a week that I had heard of the Kryon program, and they were coming to my town for a workshop.
Had heard a lot about the workshop and wanted to attend to it. Heard that they also undertook regression-progression (aka past life regression).
I have always had an inherent interest in the paranormal, which according to me is quite normal to a human.
Terms like Karma, spirit guide and past life were comfortable to me.
I believe that the central theorem of mathematics is actually a central theorem of life, random but equal distribution. So when I heard that they also conducted regression sessions, I got excited.

I hadn’t decided on attending the workshop and so just booked myself for a session. As soon as I decided on attending the workshop, my wife suggested that I cancel the regression session which I did. Something in me told me to attend the session, so I requested for a reappointment. And I thanked God for it later…..

I was asked 1 question by the facilitator over the phone; why do you want to undergo this. It sounded like that examination question for which the answer was known but long forgotten. I stammered… to …to….i feel I am stuck…. I have issues with completion…..and see a pattern which I want to get rid of. I was asked to come.
Very happy passing the first round of test, I drove down to the venue and was asked to fill up a few forms, Which at that point of time,  didn’t think relevant, but later on felt their importance.

The session starts and after some time (I lose track of time, like in a conscious dream) enter into a past life of mine.
I don’t want to write details of how the process went as it would bias the reader.
Suddenly, there was pain in my stomach, which was due to a gash, a spear that split my stomach through. I was on a horse in a desolate place, a tent that I recognized. I crawled into it and rested. I must have survived.

 I was a desert nomad and the son of the chieftain. We were rich- desert style, a lot of camels, goats, big house and tents near an oasis. Had a family. I lost everything. I went back to nothing that was left, was lonely.
I healed forgave and accepted the knowing. I was asked to come back into the present.
I awoke and was asked to relax and come back to myself. I understood that I left open issues, books, things all around me so that I was kept busy on finishing things, being busy in loneliness.
The open windows in my computer are lesser. I keep on closing the finished work and opening up newer ones. Work doesn’t scare me for I now know that it would finish on time. I keep on learning new changes in myself every day- a culmination of the regression, the Who Am I?  workshop, the practice of Reiki”, and the 10 Day DNA Awakening Workshop with my wife.