Fengshui (pronounced feng shway), is a science, whose goal is to create balance and harmony among the elements of nature, namely;
air, water, earth, fire, space; each with its unique association to certain colors, materials  and symbolism.
For eg, the colour of the fire element is red, while that of wood are green and aqua-related colors.

Fengshui (literally “wind-water”) is a form of geomantic divination based on the workings of the cosmological concepts yinyang and qi. The technique  of FengShui is  said  to be over 3,500 years  old.

This ancient science of Chinese divination, is the
practice of bringing about good fortune among the living, the dead and the spiritual  world  by  making  sure  objects  placed in a home, office.... are in
harmony with the universe in such a way that they optimally draw on sources  of  qi  (cosmic energy or
life force).

Working on your home/ office/ shop/ restaurant/

factory layout, you will realise that your home/ office..
is a reflection of your life; and how a few minor

changes can bring in a shift in the Chi/Qi.

Fengshui can  be influenced by  the location, shape,
size  and color  of an object and, it has been said
"does for space what the Chinese lunar calendar
does for time, seeking the most auspicious arrangements of the material environment."

Objects that allow qi to flow freely are said to have good feng shui, which is said to bring prosperity and  success.  In  the  old days  only the  Chinese  emperor  was allowed to use it.

Beyond Feng Shui is an extraordinary combination of science, universal laws, intuition, common sense, design, and ecology, which can be used by everyone beneficially  and  effectively.  Beyond Feng-Shui  Analysis,  begins by  evaluating  what
is going on in various areas of one’s life; which areas of life are flowing smoothly, which need strengthening, & which aspects need a complete make-over.