Who is Kryon?
Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.
You are a piece of God and you have the power to ascend as high on your side
of the veil as you were before you came...and you are loved without measure.

We are all collective in spirit even while you are on Earth, veiled from the truth. 
We are the great  "I AM".

My channellings are given for the veil to lift and allow humans
to access their complete essense.
I admonish you in Love, ....to awaken and understand the phenomena "Who Am I?".

What is Channelling?

Chanelling is one of the most ancient human gifts of connecting with angelic entities and receiving information from the metaphysical realm.

Poonam Bharti, the Indian Kryon Channel is contracted in conveying the channellings in Live experiential workshops empowering one and all to connect with The Source. She channels information to each Humans DNA directly based on their life lessons and karmic completions.
Who am i? 1
Its a bold workshop where you experience your own truth, to experience
oneself completely raw and naked like peeling layers of oneself



Poonam Bharti, Kryon India Channeller

Dr.Poonam Bharti or Shaheen in the physical realm, comes from the hospitality and business background,   and  is  a   Consulting   Psychologist,  Certified  Life  Coach   &  Trainer, Sex  Educator
and Hypnotherapist.  In the metaphysical  realm she  is  the  Kryon India Channel,  a  Clairvoyant, Beyond   FengShui   Trainer,   Past  Life  and   Future  Progressions   Specialist,  Candle  Reader, Spiritual  Mentor  and  Reiki  Grand  Master.
Dr Poonam was guided to attend a Reiki Session in the year 1997, which further opened her to the spontaneous world of spiritual and personal transformation. Whilst practicing Reiki on herself, visions of people, places, and incidents became further intense in every part of her body. The letters K-R-Y-O-N kept reverberating in her vision and writing. That’s how the channelings of “Kryon” entered Poonam’s life and the Kryon Wisdom Centre was founded in the year 1998 in India. It has been 18 years; now this graceful master guide and mentor, ‘gently and firmly with the ownership and joy of a child’, transforms people and organizations through Kryon Consciousness.
Dr. Poonam balances the metaphysical and physical domains with panache. She has this unique capability to see the past, present and future in the NOW and lives a life full of fun and divine experiences. In her words, “turning and tuning my life to my higher self is not to loose control, it is as a matter of fact, to take charge of the power that is always mine.”
                Being a Metaphysician, and aware of how the laws of the Universe works,
                she  designed an  education system which transforms, educates and
                balances in all the three realms - The Alchemy of the Mind Body Soul
                Its called the ESI model :              a) Emotional - Ego Quotient
                                                                         b) Spirit - Soul Quotient
                                                                         c) Identity - Intelligence Quotient
Its a wholesome genuine education system which activates one's DNA into leadership and responsibility ... freedom being the highest form of responsibility.
Dr. Poonam's gift is in making people and organizations tap their inner wisdom, empowering them to living purposefully and influencing love and truth all around.

                                    What do Kryon Workshops provide us?

Kryon workshops are  channelled  by  the  Kryon  India Channel Poonam Bharti also known as Shaheen Poonam and the Kryon Entourage.
Her  purpose is to  channel the  information   Live in the  form of Kryon Wisdom workshops, where each human being connects to the God particle  within them.
The workshops  are conducted  through  the  spiritual realm,  for  those present in the Now. 

Without exception, every session is unique with no two sessions being the same either  in  content  or delivery.

Participants often describe a deep connection with their Higher Selves, feeling of lightness,  love,  and  the  ability  to  look  at  different  aspects  of  life  with more wisdom.

Often, it  leads to  awareness  and  thawing  of the  ego,  defences  and  inner  fears  that  hold  us  down.

What  emerges   is  Love,   Joy  and   Awakening  of  the  Inner  Child.
Partakers experience radical transformation and well being in all areas of their life viz: career, knowledge,  growth,  relationships,  abundance...

email: wisdomcentre.co.in@gmail.com
linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/drpoonambharti

Other services

The personal coaching sessions use techniques like psychometric analysis, regression and progression and energetic reading to evaluate blocks in personal growth. 
A leader whether in a corporate organization or in public life, must have the character and conviction to enthuse and support others. Our leadership programmes are designed to train the next generation of leaders.