Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.
You are a piece of God and you have the power to ascend as high on your side of the veil,
as you were before you came...and you are loved without measure.
We are all collective in spirit even while you are on Earth, veiled from the truth. 

We are the great "I AM".

My channellings are imparted for the veil to lift, and allow Humans to access their complete essence.
I admonish you in Love, to awaken and understand the phenomena "Who Am I?".
Being the Magnetic Master, I am in the midst of channelling an ancient system, activating the Earth's DNA from different dimensions to allow for peace, balance and harmony. Partnering with God.


  Channelling is an ancient gift of connecting with angelic entities and receiving information from the metaphysical realm.

Poonam Shaheen, the Kryon Indian Channel is contracted in conveying the channelings in Live experiential workshops, empowering one and all to connect to The Source.

She channels information to each Human's DNA directly, based on their life lessons and karmic completions.
    Dr. Poonam Bharti, one of the nine Kryon Channels in the world, is a Meta physician, a researcher, an executive coach, a certified hypnotherapist and a trained counselor.

She established the Kryon Wisdom Centre in 1998, focusing on transformation of humans and organisations; supporting them to live a life of purpose and approaching their business with a vision.

Since the past twenty years, the Kryon Wisdom Centre team facilitates experiential live Kryon-Channeling Workshops which have impacted all individuals and organisations including police departments, prisons, health institutions, etc. across the country.



  1. Managing Director
    Dr. Poonam Bharti
  2. Managing Director
    Rohini Fernandes
  3. Managing Director
    Shally Khedkar
  4. Managing Director
    Uday Khedkar
  5. Managing Director
    Casey Fernandes
  6. Managing Director
    Shruti Roy
  7. Managing Director
    Divya Sanbhwani
Was guided to attend a Reiki session in the summer of 1997 through one of the Landmark Education leaders. This is where I met the word 'K-R-Y-O-N'. Whilst practicing Reiki on myself, visions of people, places, and incidents became further intense in every part of my body.
The letters K-R-Y-O-N kept reverberating in my vision and writing.

Reiki Teachers, Ila and Debu Ghosh informed that a group of Landmark leaders were distributing Kryon books and doing Group Guide Communication, requesting the guides (Kryon Book 1) to reveal the Kryon India channel. The guides in synchronicity guided me to Landmark Education, Reiki, Dowsing (Pendulum) sessions.
Kryon Workshops are different from every other workshop I had ever been a part of. It’s like a mirror shown to me how I truly am, inside out and it’s completely my choice to continue walk the path of being constantly unhappy and ungrateful, or choose to pave a new pathway of love, generosity and acceptance. In a world where I believed everyone is secretly lonely, being a part of Kryon helped me learn there is a way to bring people together, guide them to the light, ie. these workshops of self-discovery.