Kryon Wisdom Centre

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Every  Being  experiencing  Who AM I?
Ones' Highest Potential.

Whatever it takes to experience and live  the Vision.
To operate from "centre is everywhere and circumference nowhere".

Receive / Takeaways
You will not receive crumbs as takeaways,
You receive access to being the maker of your life.
A Quantum Shift, Infinite possibilities, Transformation

Walk the Talk
The workshops come with a money-back guarantee.*

Nota Bene : Do carry your ego and identity,
 to transform to Truth, Love and Acceptance.
Love displaces ego.

Upcoming Events
4 in 1 Workshop
Human, Animal & Plant
Reiki and Communication

29th - 30th - 31tst January, 2018
Mumbai, India.

workshop timing :
11am - 9pm

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